Sales Staff
Warehouse/Intake & Outflow
Kevin was born in Waynesville and has lived there all of his life. He graduated from Tuscola High School in 2010.  In his freetime Kevin is an avid skateboarder and travels around the South with his friends, entering competitions, and filming/making there own videos, which can be found on YouTube. He also enjoys various art forms and is responsible for all of the store's signage and art projects. In the future, he hopes to travel the world more. Possibly going to a few foreign skate destinations, and getting to experience other cultures before he starts his "adult" life back in the states.
Scott has been self employed nearly all his life.  After selling real estate in Ohio in the 70's and a brief stint as a plumber, he became a massage therapist licensed in the state of Florida in 1980.  After 25 years in a successful business there, he retired, briefly, and , in 2004 purchased a home in Waynesville, NC. 
While shopping for furniture for the new mountain home he purchased great bargains in consignment stores in Florida.  Soon after settling in the mountains he realized that he wasn't actually retired but only unemployed.  After considerable investigation into the in's and outs of the consignment  industry, and with the help of his partner he launched Scallywag's in 2007.
Today, he is grateful for the consignors and shoppers that have helped to make Scallywag's the succes that it is. 
Diane moved to the area in 2000 with her husband, Randy. They both had a strong desire to settle amongst the Smokey Mountains after getting married in the shadow of the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. Diane has been with Scallywags since its infancy in 2007 and has witnessed it grow and prosper. Prior, Diane had owned and operated a restaurant "The My Way Inn" in Florida. Diane and her husband love to travel and especially look forward to a holiday getaway each year with Scallywag owners Jim and Scott.
Diane Peterson
Kevin Cordell
Scott Grover
Growing up in a military family (ie: Navy Brat) , Jim had the good fortune to experience a diversity of places and cultures … among them, Morocco and Ecuador.  Settling into life on Florida's Gulf Coast following business studies both at Virginia Tech and USF/Tampa, he developed his custom picture framing skills – eventually owning  his own business.  Jim brings a wealth of experience to Scallywag's from his 35 year career in retail/customer service with the Frame Factory & Gallery.  He joined the Scallywag team permanently in July 2010 following 3 years of “temp” work commuting between NC and his business commitments in St. Petersburg, FL.
Jim is finally enjoying life here in the mountains with partner , Scott (and Jake!).  His creative skills are now best used keeping Scallywag's looking like the designer showroom it is !
Jim Zinsler
With many years of retail and customer service experience, Maria became a Scallywag team member in the summer of 2012 assisting Jim, the lead designer. Born in the Philippines, and also a “Navy Brat”, Maria has lived and traveled in foreign countries for most of her life. In her youth she and her family followed her father throughout his Naval career. Later, she married Brian, and after nearly a thirty year career with the US Government, retired in 2011 and settled in Waynesville. When not working at Scallywags, Maria enjoys time with family, friends, and caring for her two cats and dog. Maria hopes to reprise her interest in beading, a hobby she picked up while living in West Africa. Maria and Brian like to keep active and just completed their first full marathon in October and look forward to their next race.
Maria Peterson
Kerry was born and raised right here in Waynesville, NC.  When he is not at Scallywag's you can probably find him in class at Haywood Community College, skateboarding, or learning to play guitar.
Kerry Webb
I was adopted in November of 2007 by my two Dads, Scott & Jim.  The doctor said I was about 1½ or 2½ years old ... I don't know.  I lived with other people before but they were not so good to me.  I am a German Pincher, not a Minature Pincher and not a Doberman Pincher.  Both of those dogs came after me.  I try to be very good because my Dads are so good to me and I love them a lot.  I don't bark unless I think my Dads needs to know something and I never get on the furniture unless I'm invited first.  I also don't touch customers unless they touch me first.  That's why they have given me a job as "Head Greeter" at the store called Scallywag's.  I like my job and being with my Dads every day, but sometimes I get tired and have to take a nap.  I get some days off and then we go hiking and hunting for critters.  I'm good at that too.
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