Our Consignment Policy

Our Consignment Policy

The most important part...

You, our consignor, will receive 50% from the proceeds of any items sold. Scallywag’s will retain the other 50% for our efforts to display and sell your items. We will pay you once a month for any of your items sold during the prior month.
Consignments are accepted Monday through Saturday from 10:30am to 4:30pm.

And here's how the rest of it works...

We will help you evaluate your items for consignment and accept those items we believe will sell. We price our consignments based on current market conditions and our sales history. We sell about half our inventory at the starting price. Bring proof of value if your pieces are unique and/or exceptional. You can see a list of some of the items we accept here.

If you have large items, contact us first at 828-454-1960. We can tell you from your description, a photo, a cushion, etc. if they are saleable at Scallywag's. You can email photos to consignment171@gmail.com for evaluation.  All items should be clean and gently used. We will charge a cleaning fee if we have to clean your items. We will also charge your account if we have to repair your items. All furniture styles should be reasonably current or otherwise desirable in today's market.

We will display your merchandise for a minimum of 80 days. Prices will be reduced by 10% every 20 days and may also be subject to promotional discounts at the discretion of the store. In the unlikely event that your merchandise does not sell during the consignment period, you will have 10 days from the end of the consignment period to reclaim your items. This date will be clearly marked on your contract. If you do not reclaim your items they will become the property of Scallywag’s Consignment Furniture. Any item that becomes Scallywag's property is subject to disposition by the store at the store's discretion.

We hope you'll understand that we don't want to own your items and our space is limited. If you don't retrieve your unsold items, we must have a way to move them out of our store to make room for new merchandise.

If you decide to consign with us, we'll ask you to sign our Consignment Agreement, which puts our consignment policy in the form of a contract.