Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


All of the furniture and decor items you see here are used, some more than others. For this reason we require that you see the items first hand and inspect each for any defects, flaws, or blemishes they may have before purchasing. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! WE OFFER NO REFUND OR RETURN POLICY ON ANY ITEM!


We offer, for your convenience, a layaway plan. We require 50% down payment on any layaway and ask that you complete the sale within 1 week. If you do not complete the sale, we will retain 25% of the sale price for the loss of sales time. We consider layaway's to be a purchase, not your opportunity to "decide".


In store purchases, we will keep items in the store for up to 7 days after you complete your purchase. During this time, please make arrangements for pick-up and delivery. Any time beyond 7 days, we will charge you $10 per day storage fee per item before we will release your items.


We do not offer delivery. We will be happy to put you in touch with reputable companies that have given Scallywag's and our consignors very good service for local deliveries. You can work out the details with them.


Please bring everything you will need to transport your items when you come to pick them up. We do not keep ties, straps, padding, or other necessary transportation items available in the store. We will help you load your items, but beyond that, they are your responsibility.