To Our Shoppers

To Our Shoppers

Scallywag's Consignment Furniture Opened for business in 2007. We have established ourselves as the premier furniture consignment store in Western North Carolina and created a steady flow of customers throughout the year. We have saved a lot of people a lot of money on some really terrific furniture.
We price items to move quickly and have adopted “I Should'a Bought It When I Saw It” as our motto because what you see today may be gone tomorrow.

If you are: Redecorating, Moving, Combining Households, Furnishing a Rental or Second Home, or just looking for that Special Piece, Scallywag's will save you money.

Scallywag's has adopted the following policies to help keep the store running smoothly for shoppers and staff alike:

We do not bargain on the listed price of items in the store. We do not own any of this furniture and have signed a contract with each consignor to sell their merchandise at the listed prices. Once we have accepted a piece into the store, we feel that it is priced fairly; otherwise it would not be here.

Cash Price Tags: Our price tags reflect a cash or check price. We accept all major credit/debit cards but you will loose a 3.5% cash discount if you use them.

You can Pre-Buy an item in the store that is more than $100. What this means is that you can purchase a piece at a future mark down price and it is automatically yours if it is still available on that date. You must leave it in the store until that date while we continue to try to sell it at the higher price. This satisfies our consignors who have trusted us with their merchandise. If we sell your pre-buy before the markdown date, we will promptly refund your money by check. Payment for pre-buys are only by cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.

We will retain an item in the store after you have purchased it for 7 days while you arrange for pick-up. After that, there is a $10 per day storage fee per item that will be attached to your merchandise before we will release it to you.

When you pick up your purchases, please bring with you any straps, rope, pads, and covering that you will need. We do not keep these items in the store for you.

A layaway is considered a completed sale. We do not offer refunds or returns on a layaway item. Layaway requires 50% down and must be completed within a week. If you choose our 1-week layaway, and do not complete your payments at the end of the layaway period, you will forfeit 25% of the selling price of the item and we will place the item back on the sales floor as available.

We do not HOLD items for any reason. Items are either available or sold while on the sales floor.

We do not accept returns. We will sell an item to you over the phone, but only if you have viewed the item on our sales floor at least once so that you know of and are comfortable with the condition of the item. All sales are final. If you purchase in the store and it doesn't fit when you get it home, we are sorry but will not take it back. Measure twice; buy once. If it's the wrong color, you can't put it together, or there is an issue you didn't discover while in the store, we are sorry, but we won't take it back. We do not intentionally hide any blemish or problem that we are aware of from our buyers. We're selling used furniture and that's what you are buying. We make every effort possible to assure that items are represented properly, but will not be responsible for your oversight in purchasing. All sales are final.

Delivery We can connect you with reputable companies in the community that will give you a fair price for delivery of your items and who have the necessary equipment to do it safely. It is up to you to make contact with these companies and negotiate the fee.